This Library Life began in the summer of 2014.

Since then, we've been researching and building this project, collecting stories as we found them, or as they found their way to us. We hope to continue this project as long as we can, moving beyond American public libraries to include the work of library professionals across school, special, and academic libraries and growing a network of collaborators along the way.


We're Gabbie Barnes, Rebecca Fronczak, and Erin Vonnahme, and we love libraries. 
This Library Life is our way of spreading library love far and wide.  

Join us! 

Our sponsor, Nancy pearl

After months of clarifying our ideas, we decided to dream big and reach out to one of the best library and literacy advocates we could think of to help this project reach as wide an audience as possible. Can you think of any other librarian with her own action figure?

Graciously, Nancy Pearl agreed to help. 

Nancy is a librarian and a champion for lifelong literacy and learning. With her on board, we have been able to refine our focus, prioritizing services and programming that best support their communities with their specificity and creativity.