MT1 Certification Program

Carson City Library
Carson City, Nevada

In February 2015, the Carson City Library became the first library in the United States to offer a training and certification center for skilled workers looking to obtain manufacturing positions. According to Katherine DeRosear, "The project will help fill a workforce training need for area manufacturers through an apprenticeship program that fosters community-based learning in STEM skills, essential for advanced technology jobs, using the MSI’s MT1 certificate program."

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Legislative Toolkit

Glendale Public Library
Glendale, Arizona

Libraries and the people who work in them regularly face budgetary challenges and restrictions. To keep providing excellent service, programs, and events for members of their community, librarians often have to meet with legislators to prove their worth. The inspiring Glendale Public Library staff put together a toolkit to help Arizona librarians effectively work with local legislators to effect positive outcomes. The toolkit is comprehensive and serves as a great framework for librarians across the country to put into use in their own communities.

View the toolkit here

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Nonprofit Resource Center

Charles County Public Library
Charles County, Maryland

From CCPL: "The Waldorf West Library is a part of the Foundation Center's Funding Information Network.This means that we partner with the Foundation Center to provide the Charles County nonprofit community with access to resources from the Foundation Center, both print and electronic. We are also passionate about providing as many free trainings as possible to help local nonprofits succeed!"

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Solar Power Test Bed Project

Fayetteville Public Library
Fayetteville, Arkansas

FPL's solar power initiative, funded by funded by ICMA and the Gates Foundation, works to raise  community awareness of renewable energy and a reduced carbon footprint. Through programs like this, the library remains a partner in education and economic development in one fell swoop. 


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Developing Women-Lead Companies

The Westport Library
Westport, Connecticut

The Westport Library has partnered with The Refinery to host these recurring meetings focused on women in the workforce.  They explain, "This initiative, designed to accelerate the growth of women-led companies, is organized and led by The Refinery, a company that serves as an accelerator for early-stage ventures."

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