Culinary Literacy Center

Parkway Central Library
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Parkway Central Library in Philadelphia has connected cooking and education to create a fun, healthy, and tasty kitchen-classroom experience for all ages. The space is meant to empower families to tackle nutrition and healthy lifestyles while working together to create something everyone needs: food! 

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Priority Skype Access for Military Families

Minot Public Library
Minot, North Dakota

"Access to Skype is available to all library visitors free of charge, thanks to a generous grant from the North Dakota Library Coordinating Council Military Family Connect Program. The Skype room is available on a first-come first-serve basis, with Military personnel and their families having priority access."

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Alzheimer's Cafe

Durham Public Library
Durham, New Hampshire

From Durham Public Library, "DPL and Living Innovations Home Care host a monthly “Alzheimer’s Café” for dementia patients still residing in their own homes and their caregivers." The Café seeks to create "an informal opportunity to socialize and relax with new friends who share similar circumstances." 

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Small Library, Big Heart

Ferguson Public Library
Ferguson, Missouri

During a time of unrest in the wake of Michael Brown's death, the Ferguson Public Library made it clear that they were keeping true to their mission and goals by providing their community with the services they need.

On Nov. 25 the library tweeted, "We are open 9-4.  Wifi, water, rest, knowledge. We are here for you. If neighbors have kids, let them know teachers are here today, too."

A widely circulated photo of a sign in the library is additional proof of Ferguson Public library's big heart. The sign read, "During difficult times the library is a quiet oasis where we can catch our breath, learn, and think about what to do next. Please help keep our oasis peaceful and serene."

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Teen Cooking Contest

Campbell County Public Library
Campbell County, Kentucky

Entering its 5th year (as of 2015), the annual Teen Cooking Contest (this year hosted by CCPL's Cold Spring Branch) encourages young adults to cultivate their cooking prowess and share their skill with the community.  Contestants find their recipes, purchase their ingredients, and prepare a dish to share. 

There are prizes for best dish, sure, but with all this fun and food, everybody wins. 

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Stories in the Pines

Eastham Public Library
Eastham, Massachusetts

From EPL: "Storytelling is an ancient tradition that lives on at Eastham Library, where locals share tales based on their own life experiences, performed without notes.

The project was inspired by New York’s 'Moth' gatherings, which use personal tales to 'dissolve socio-economic barriers, expose vulnerabilities, and quietly suggest ways to overcome challenges and see with new eyes.'"

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Baby Bistro

Bozeman Public Library
Bozeman, Montana

The library describes the program, "This free breastfeeding support group will meet during August in the small Conference Room from 11-1 every Thursday. The group is staffed by local Certified Lactation Counselors (CLC) and/or International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC). Bring your baby out to lunch, meet other nursing mothers, and get professional support."

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Writer-in-Residence Program

The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Cincinnati, Ohio

In 2014 The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County hosted their first Writer-in-Residence, Kathy Y. Wilson.  Wilson participated in panels, events, and lead workshops for children and adults.  The library explains, "Kathy Y. Wilson is no stranger to the public library. She first felt the desire to write at the age 5, wandering the stacks of her neighborhood library. 'I knew the alphabet, and I would stand up in those stacks and try and figure out where Wilson would go,' she says. 'I knew where the Ws were, and I would imagine where my book would be. The Library is the great equalizer of this community. I am so honored to represent this institution'."

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Changing Lives Through Literature

Fairfax County Public Library
Fairfax County, Virginia

Fairfax County Public Library describes their program, "Changing Lives Through Literature (CLTL) is used in Fairfax County as an alternative to formal court action for juvenile offenders and in conjunction with probation and parole for adult offenders. The program uses the power of literature to transform lives through reading and group discussion."

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Free WiFi 24/7

Whitman County Libraries
Whitman County, Washington

Residents of Whitman County who do not have access to WiFi at home need not fear.  The libraries in the county leave their WiFi on overnight so that community members can bring their laptops, tablets, and smart phones near library property, even when the library is not open.  You can read more about the service at The Open Standard.

Visit Whitman County Rural Library District to find out more.

Celebrate Automation with Creation

Peacham Library
Peacham, Vermont

In 2010, Peacham Library completed a transition from the traditional card catalog to a new automated library system. To celebrate this triumph, the library invited members of the community to take as many catalog cards as they'd like to create something new, whether it be artistic, literary, or just something different. "Patrons took on the challenge and created jewelry, a poem, clothing, a bulletin board, masks, a game, 3D scenes, a fishing pole, and a cat puppet." The winner of the creation contest was 13-year-old Julia Fickes, who created a "dress designed in a style popular in Jane Austen books, with Jane Austin check-out cards used for the bodice."

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Intergenerational LGBTQIA Discussion

Iowa City Public Library
Iowa City, Iowa

This recurring discussion session allows members of the Iowa City community who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, or an ally of any age to share "their issues and successes" in their daily lives. 

Visit Iowa City Public Library for more information.

National Crime Victims' Rights Week

The Indianapolis Public Library
Indianapolis, Indiana

In April 2015, The Indianapolis Public Library hosted events to raise awareness for the rights of crime victims as well as support them.  They explain a exhibit that was featured in their space, "It will include a display of 135 pairs of shoes, along with signage to honor the victims and resources to raise awareness about violence and support a healing community. Viewers are invited to write messages of support and hope to leave as part of the display."

Visit The Indianapolis Public Library to learn more.

24/7 Library Service

The City Library, Main Branch
Salt Lake City, Utah

The Main Library is running a pilot that offers "a full range of programming during night hours...this includes computer classes, art workshops, book discussions, lectures, film screenings, and arts encounters. Access to computers, WiFi Internet access, and The City Library's full collection [are also] available. Parts of the library are "closed to patron browsing during this time, [but] staff [are] available to locate and retrieve materials" as needed. The pilot [is meant to] allow time for the Library to assess any additional programming needs of [their] nighttime patrons."

Visit The City Library to find out more. 

City-Wide Rummage Sale

Howard Library
Howard, South Dakota

In the spirit of the fictional town of Stars Hollow (a la Gilmore Girls**), the Howard Library (in collaboration with several community partners) has put together a city-wide rummage sale for the residents of Howard, South Dakota.

Visit Howard Library to find out more.

**Experience the Stars Hollow rummage sale in Gilmore Girls, Season 1, Ep. 13 - "Concert Interruptions"

Online Local Music Library

Madison Public Library
Madison, Wisconsin

Madison Public Library describes their online local music library: "Yahara Music Library is an online music collection that celebrates Madison’s dynamic music scene by sharing local music with the greater Madison community. The diverse collection includes established musicians and up and coming artists who play everything from rock, hip hop, classical, and more."

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In Her Shoes: Job Prep for Female Ex-Offenders

Wilmington Public Library
Wilmington, Delaware

The Wilmington Public Library offers "career workshops for previously incarcerated women." The workshops include available resources, life skills to become self-sufficient, and cover topics like: "employment readiness, job searching, domestic violence courses, and parenting skills."

Visit Wilmington Public Library to find out more.


Adams County Libraries, Rangeview Library District
Thornton, Colorado

During a time when many libraries across the US were facing severe budget cuts and in fear of having to close their doors, members of the Rangeview Library District came together to support an increase in their library's funding.

Welcome to Anythink Libraries. Their tagline: "We open doors for curious minds."

The new Anythink Libraries (supported by the Anythink Foundation) brings the library out into the community by supporting outdoor concerts, a community garden, and traveling exhibits.

Visit the Anythink Foundation to find out more.

Bard & Brews

Birmingham Public Library
Birmingham, Alabama

Once a month members of the Birmingham community can get together to enjoy craft beers while sharing and listening to poetry. Beers are donated by craft breweries around the region and cash prizes are awarded to participants of the slam poetry contest.

Visit Birmingham Public Library's event page to find out more.